CCAHM is committed to access and inclusion in its program and services as part of a broad effort to encourage the admission and retention of students with disabilities in accredited acupuncture and herbal medicine programs. Students are encouraged to access all the resources available to them, including applying for disability accommodations.

To be eligible for accommodations, a student must have a documented disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (under the ADA or ADAAA). Early communication is critical to successful implementation of effective and timely accommodations. Accommodations cannot be provided retroactively; therefore, we strongly advise applying for accommodations 3 to 4 weeks before your anticipated/scheduled testing date.

Reasonable accommodations are determined as part of a holistic evaluation of submitted documentation, any history of accommodations, and the CNT program requirements.

Examples of documentation include, but are not limited to:

  1. Student self-report of how their disability impacts them, their perceived need for accommodations, and their functional limitations in the academic environment
  2. Educational records of prior accommodations
  3. Proof of accommodations on previous standardized exams (ACT, SAT, licensing exams, etc.)
  4. Statement on letterhead from a healthcare professional or licensed provider outlining a diagnosis or the impact of a disability
  5. Medical records, evaluations, or diagnostic reports


Requesting Accommodations 

  • Step 1: Register for the Online CNT Course and written exam 
  • Step 2: If after reviewing the Course OverviewMinimum Technology RequirementsPolicies and Procedures, CNT Course Technical Standards, and CNT Course FAQs, you determine that you require accommodations to fully participate in the Clean Needle Technique online course modules and/or exams, please fill out and upload supporting documentation on the Disability Accommodation Upload Form (requires account login). CLICK HERE to preview the form. 
  • Step 3: As part of the interactive process, once your documentation has been received, it will be assessed by an external ADA Compliance Consultant in a timely manner. Recommendations for approved accommodations will be provided to CCAHM.
  • Step 4: You will receive an email from CCAHM outlining your approved accommodations and any request for additional information.


ADA Accommodations Appeals Process:

CCAHM engages in the interactive process with candidates as part of determining and providing reasonable accommodations. The interactive process requires both CCAHM and the candidate to participate in good-faith communication to clarify, substantiate, and implement an accommodation request. If a candidate refuses or fails to participate in this process, CCAHM will not have the information necessary to fully execute accommodations.

If, after an initial assessment from the ADA Compliance Consultant, it is determined that more information is necessary to approve an accommodation request, candidates  will receive detailed information on what question(s) must be answered by any newly submitted documentation. Ongoing communication with CCAHM constitutes an appeal of the initial assessment. Many candidates  are capable of providing the required information without obtaining additional medical or academic documentation. The interactive process is an opportunity to provide clarification not contained in the initial accommodation request and/or resolve any concerns or misunderstandings.

Please be aware that documentation outlining history or diagnosis of disability may not have sufficient information regarding the nature of accommodations required specifically on the CNT course or examinations. Documentation on prior academic accommodations may demonstrate a need for accommodations without outlining what modifications are required in the CNT learning and testing environment. A candidate’s initial request may be approved, but feedback may still be required for accommodations to be successfully arranged. It has been CCAHM’s experience that quick and effective resolution occurs when all parties engage in open communication during this process.


Need Additional Assistance? 

Please contact CCAHM if you require accommodations as part of applying for disability accommodations or have additional questions regarding application requirements. CCAHM understands the collaborative and ongoing nature of providing access and welcomes feedback on your experience in the accommodation process.