CNT Review Course Frequently Asked Questions

If I completed the in-person CNT course several years ago, can I complete the CNT Review Course to meet the NCCAOM’s requirements? Contact the NCCAOM for confirmation before registering.  If you completed the in-person CNT course more than six years before your NCCAOM application date, repeating the course may be necessary.

I completed a CNT course as part of my curriculum in school, am I eligible for the CNT Review Course? At this time, the NCCAOM requires that all previous CNT be completed through CCAHM in order to be eligible for the CNT Review Course. If your previous CNT was not completed with CCAHM, you may be required to take the full CNT Course and not the CNT Review Course. Contact the NCCAOM before registering. 

After registering and submitting payment, how do I access the Online Modules? Once your registration has been approved, you will receive an approval email with a link to the Online Modules. Additionally, you can log in to our website and access the Online Modules from your CCAHM portal. 

Do I have to complete the course in one sitting? No, you can complete the course at your desired pace. However, progress on the course worksheet and final exam will not be saved. Those items must be completed in full and then submitted.

I have completed all of the course work, but I still cannot access the final exam. What should I do? In order to access the final exam for the course, you must complete all course work and spend a minimum of three hours on the course. There is a course timer within the online modules that will keep track of how long you have been working on the course. You must stay logged in to the modules for your time to count. Once you have met the three hour minimum requirement, the final exam will open which will count as your fourth hour. 

The NCCAOM has not received CNT Review Course completion information. What should I do? 

Within ten business days of receipt of your completed documents, you should receive a certificate of completion by email. We will also notify the NCCAOM of your completion of this course via their online portal. Please let us know if the NCCAOM has not received this information. NOTE: You must have an open and active application on file with the NCCAOM before your certificate can be uploaded by the Council national office. 

If I decide not to take the course after registering, can I get a refund? Due to the nature of the course, refunds cannot be issued after registration has been approved and access to the materials has been provided.

What should I do if I don't pass the course? You can re-register ($80) and repeat the course.