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What is Acupuncture Medicine (AM)?

Acupuncture Medicine (AM) is an ancient and empirical system of medicine based on the concept of qi, pronounced “chee”, meaning energy/life force and its flow through the body along channels or meridians.

This traditional medicine a highly effective, affordable, low risk treatment option for a multitude of health issues and chronic conditions. It is one of the most requested complementary and alternative medicine choices in the U.S. today. To learn more, check out Acupuncture: In Depth from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

It’s All About the Numbers



Source: American Society of Acupuncturists

WHO (World Health Organization) Study Results

A study by the WHO in 2003 cited over 43 diseases, conditions and symptoms that are treatable with acupuncture, including:

Amenorrhea  Cystitis  Heart disease   Musculoskelatal pain
 Anxiety  Depression  Hepatitis symptoms  Nausea
 Asthma  Dermatitis  Herpes related pain  Neurogenic pain
 Bell's palsy  Diabetes  Impotence  Oncological pain
 Cancer-related pain  Dysmenorrhea  Infertility  Palliative pain
 Cerebral vascular accident  Dysuria  Inflammatory bowel disease  Premenstrual syndrome
 Chemical dependency  Endometriosis pain  Influenza  Psorasis
 Chemotherapy side effects  Gastralgia  Irritable bowel syndrome  Rheumatoligic pain
 Colds  Gastroesophageal reflux disease  Kidney disease  Shortness of breath
 Coughs  Headache / Migrane  Multiple sclerosis  Vomiting

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is an acupuncture technique that has been adopted by other healthcare providers who do NOT have the education, training and credentials as AM practitioners. While some providers may state that dry needling is NOT acupuncture, in fact the technique:

  • meets the SAME definition of acupuncture
  • uses the SAME needles and points
  • is used to treat the SAME conditions

The American Medical Association (AMA) recognizes dry needling as an invasive procedure and maintains that it should only be performed by licensed acupuncturists and medical physicians with sufficient comprehensive training required for the safe practice and effectiveness of this surgical technique. For more information see the AMA policy Dry Needling is an Invasive Procedure.

Also review the Dry Needling Position Paper and Know Your Acupuncturist.