Position Papers on CNT Protocol

The Council administers the Clean Needle Technique (CNT) course, which is recognized as the national needle safety course. The following position papers were developed and accepted by the Council to represent the latest information regarding acupuncture safety.

All papers were researched and authored by Dr. Jennifer Brett, ND, LAc, a CNT instructor and former chair of the Council's CNT Committee’s Subject Matter Expert Panel. Dr. Brett is also principal author of the current 7th edition of the CNT Manual.

Skin Preparation Prior to Acupuncture Needle Insertion: Based on consultation with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this protocol reflects the most recent evidence-based literature.

Glove Use During the Practice of Acupuncture: Based on consultation with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the protocol concerning the use of gloves is consistent with safety standards.

Moxa Smoke and the Need for Ventilation or Filtration: Based on the most recent evidence-based literature.

These position papers are the sole property of the CCAOM and are intended for use by AOM stakeholders and regulatory agencies as statements of evidence-based best practices. Permission is granted to print or download the papers. No content may be edited or translated without prior written permission. Please email the Council's national office with related questions or requests.